Celebrating 10 Years of Making a Difference

A letter of thanks from our principal director

consultant_magdi_hassan10 years…what a journey.  It’s been incredible!

When I first think about how TTM Associates began back in 2005 with a simple vision to transform people’s mindsets in an engaging way, I am so proud that after 10 long years we have managed to stay true to our vision and today continue to support business transformation not only to individuals but to whole organizations from all over the world.

In the early years TTM Associates began with a small team of inspired professionals and today has over 95 consultants from all over the world who can offer their expertise as and when our clients require it.

Throughout our 10 year journey, we have reached over 100,000 participants through our workshops and seminars in over 50 countries.

During this time I am incredibly grateful to have been given the opportunity to connect with so many professional individuals, from heads of departments to directors, CEO’s and Vice Presidents and together with their input to have witnessed not only individual but whole company transformation, that has ultimately changed their thinking styles and behaviours.

In 2006, TTM Associates partnered with the Whole Brain Learning labs in France and has since adopted a unique breakthrough technology based on the Herrmann Whole Brain Theory.

In 2007 our programs were accredited by ILM and ISMM.

Our company has grown from strength to strength and it is you our clients, I would like to thank for supporting us on this incredible journey.

I look forward to another successful 10 years.

Magdi A. Ismail
MBA, MHBDI, MCIM, MCOI Principal, AFME, Turkey & New Markets


TTM would like to thank its many clients to date