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TTM Associates' journey of growth since its foundation in 2004, has evolved from a traditional
'training provider' into a 'global knowledge network' that shapes 'the next practice' in business.
We capitalize on innovative methodologies, tools and techniques in order to create an impact on your business lifecycle in a differentiated way.
Time To Market is our grass roots foundation, to enhance speed, innovation and quality for our clients and partners from across the globe.

The fast spinning business environment compels organisations to revisit the way things are done. Real differentiation is reflected through people, hence the need for businesses to rethink...           READ MORE

Commercial functions
(marketing, sales, customer service, presales and front line retail) are key drivers for enhancing strategic execution for any organization and key success factors for attaining its goals.

Nowadays, senior executives
face a complex business landscape that is riddled with unprecedented challenges and a high level of ambiguity. Within such a volatile environment TTM Associates prides...

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