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Commercial functions (marketing, sales, customer service, presales and front line retail) are key drivers for enhancing strategic execution for any organization and key success factors for attaining its goals. Close analysis of today’s business environment shows that various challenges and pressures are on the rise. The challenges range from lack of product differentiation to increased competition and heightened customer expectations. The volatile business landscape is compelling organizations and leaders to explore new avenues in order to create a unique experience that elevates commercial performance to new benchmarks in terms of loyalty and acquisition. The past decades have borne witness to companies adopting various business mindsets to differentiate themselves such as:

Technology Driven Approach
In this approach organisations use technology as a weapon to define the basis of their offering (mainly product features) in order to differentiate from the rest of the market players.

commercial value map

Sales Driven Approach
In this approach organisations lean heavily on the sales structure and sales force to predominantly push the products to customers. One of the main drawbacks of this approach is that organisations fall victim to price wars.

Marketing Driven Approach
In this approach organisations are driven by the power of information and data. The name of the game is to analyse various market segments in order to exploit opportunities of any given market. In this approach the challenge is to derive insight from vast amounts of information and data without getting tangled in the so-called, marketing or data myopia.

We found out that many organizations are stuck in the generic zone. This means that they perform more or less similar actions, tactics and commercial activities with each other. For example, in the airline industry the main differentiators are the number of routes, the price and the frequency of flight. The same principle applies for the Pharma, Telecom, FMCG and Banking Industries.


VALUE Driven Approach

At TTM Associates we have developed solutions on retail, customer care, marketing, sales and customer management around the Value concept. This is what we refer to as the VALUE-driven approach. The value-driven approach is used as the base for shifting the paradigm of all your customer facing employees and managers, from a product and technology paradigm towards a TOTAL customer value driven approach. One of the fundamental tools we developed, tested and used is the value gap analysis tool (see diagram above).


In line with recent market evolution, driven by social media networks ascension; TTM Associates have been empirically observing and researching many organizations in a bid to find a way to augment the value approach and further create the connection that is desired by customers. TTM Associates realized that with the speed of transfer of ideas, thoughts and emotions enabled by Web 2.0 technology; consumer behaviours have changed in the sense that now the onus for organisations is to respond to clients on a ‘personal’ basis.

commercial value process

It is now required of organisations to have an personal touch in service. Nowadays the need for people to BELONG surpasses everything and this is pertaining to customer loyalty. That being said you can only belong to what you see, feel and hear. This is the deeper CONNECTION that organisations need to establish with their customers in order to be sustainable.

This CUSTOMER CONNECTION does not stop only at the integration and combination of all commercial functions. It also reaches far beyond this division to the heart of the back-office functions. The principal of having your people connect is the most powerful differentiator nowadays. In our search we discovered that the connection to customers is done through the BEHAVIOURS of the customer-interfacing functions and how they EXHIBIT and CONNECT with customers. The way the customer-interfacing functions’ team members EXHIBIT, TOUCH and CONNECT to customers and show customer service orientation will make a big difference from one organization to another, whatever the sector they operate in. The combination of the value approach with the way it is exhibited to customers is what we, at TTM Associates, call the ‘Value CONNECT‘ approach to enhance commercial excellence.

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