Sales Health Radar

Sales Health Radar

Below is an overview of Sales Health Radar.  Alternatively, more details are available in this brochure.


The Sales Health Radar is a diagnostic business tool developed to determine all elements of the sales process and measure their efficiency.


The output is translated into a Sales Health Index, which demonstrates strengths and weaknesses and proposes corrective actions in order to improve efficiency.


All elements of the Sales Force Effectiveness (SFE) puzzle are interlinked. They need to be in excellent order to create a synergy and gain advantage within the different steps of the sales process. The Sales Health Radar consists of nine significant statements correlated to each element of the SFE puzzle. Efficiency is measured on an interval response scale.

Composition and Design
commercial shr jigsaw
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Sales Health Radar – Graphic Reports
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Sales Strategy Investment

These pieces of the puzzle assess and analyze the strategic sales force areas which include, among others:


segmentation profiling
The Segmentation & Profiling of Customers
Is this based on your strategy?
Has the market been well defined and well understood?
Is the sales force trained in segmentation strategy and customer profiling?


The Targeting of Customers
Is your call plan in line with your segmentation and targeting plan?
Is there a clear procedure in place in order to change target lists with support from sales management?
Are you targeting a mandatory discussion point during each field visit between sales reps and their managers?
targeting customers


resource optimisation
The Sales Force Resources Optimization
Does the size and structure of your sales force fully correspond with the needs of the product and customer portfolio? Are the profiles and skills of your sales force matched against the needs of different customer types? Has the product life cycle been taken into account when determining optimal sales efforts?
Has the “cost of sales” been used as a KPI and benchmark during annual budget excesses?


Territory Management and Call quality Planning

These pieces of the puzzle assess and analyze territorial alignment and the quality and planning of calls, more specifically:


territory alignment
Territory Alignment
Does territory division take into account all relevant criteria like turnover, market potential, number of clients and location of both decision makers and sales reps?
Is territory division based on a quantifiable model and validated by sales management?


The Call Plan
Does your call plan include all planned contacts and does it correspond with the set
sales strategy / marketing plan? Are your planned calls a well-balanced mix between face to face visits, tele-calls, e-contacts, congresses etc?
Is non-productive time limited to a minimum not exceeding 20%?
call plan
call quality
Call Quality
Is your sales force trained and tested regularly (role-playing) on product and market knowledge? Are they properly supported with the right data and tools, including presentation techniques during their sales presentations?
Are your sales reps considered as “top standard” by customers after external evaluation by a 3rd party?


Human Resources Aspects of Sales organisations

These pieces of the puzzle assess and analyze the workforce aspects with respect to the HR functions involving your sales reps and managers.


recruitment and training
Recruitment & Training Of Sales Force
Are the profiles and job descriptions of your sales force documented and revised regularly? Are potential high flyers identified during regular career development sessions?
Are you training the trainer?


Is there openness and transparency in communication?
Are salary and bonus schemes officially and clearly communicated?
Are bonuses paid out in a timely manner in order to increase performance culture?
Is success in meeting targets celebrated and encouraged openly?


performance management
Performance Management
Are you managing by objectives?
Are both KPI’s and KRI’s used in order to determine territory objectives in measuring performance? Is your company characterised by an open “performance culture”?
How often are field visit reports assessed and discussed?

What is in it For You?

In the immediate term:

  • SHR offers a personalized score card report of your business unit Sales Health Index
  • SHR offers a concrete action plan/s
  • Internal benchmarking among the various business units to leverage sales activities.

On the intermediate and long-term SHR:

  • Offers a sustained competitive advantage
  • Accelerate the sales force effectiveness
  • Optimize the sales force efficiency
  • Realize the top and bottom line sales objectives
  • Improved motivation, retention and performance of the sales team members


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