Integrated Learning Platform Launch

Integrated Learning Platform Launch

faculty_update__integrated_learning_platform_launch__booksThe integrated learning platform was designed around the concept of  “Accelerated Learning Techniques” part of TTM’s assurance to facilitate a simultaneous independent and collaborative learning experience for our participants!

For the first time, TTM has introduced this platform for SANOFI EGYPT Customer Intimacy in Consumer HealthCare workshops as a pilot…

Participants of each group had exclusive access to the virtual learning program of “The Evolving Customer Intimacy in Consumer HealthCare” and to make this platform a pleasant and rewarding experience, they each received customized emails with their log in credentials and a user guide manual.

The below was the structure of the virtual learning platform:

It was in a three stages-process:

Pre-workshop Stage: Ideally 1 week prior to the workshop

•       The objective is to get Participants engaged enough time before the workshops they were asked to fill in a pre-workshop questionnaire regarding their objectives and expectations from attending “The Evolving Customer Intimacy in CHC” program.

•       They also had access to a pre-workshop article on “customer connection”

During the Workshop

•       Participants had access to an online learning video by Ned Herrmann discussing the origins of the Whole Brain® Thinking Model

•       Participants could upload their assignments or presentations as requested by the facilitator (if applicable).

 –  After the Workshop

•       Online learning material is shared after workshops which includes:
photos of the participants in action, photos of the produced flipcharts, photos on merchandising, a white paper on pharmaceutical business to consumer, and a comprehensive reading material with booklist, all downloadable.<
•       Participants were encouraged to leave their comments on the blog site.


The workshops are still on-going and the participants are finding the system user friendly and very much engaging.

Their responses to the pre workshop survey were very helpful in building a customized program to suit their needs and meet their challenges.

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