Consulting Solutions

Nowadays senior executives face a complex business landscape that is riddled with unprecedented challenges and a high level of ambiguity. Within such a volatile environment TTM Associates prides itself as being a key enabler for executives to formulate SOUND and IMPACTFUL strategic decisions. Our ultimate satisfaction is to guide you through the maze of rapid changes; both within the micro and macro context.

TTM Associates consulting services are composed of a rich blend of complementary tools, techniques & methodologies which covers the Business Planning Process to help executives mobilize their resources through pragmatic and hands-on implementation processes in order to impact on business performance.

TimeTo Market

Technology has enhanced the SPEED and the WAY we do business. Speed is a key competitive advantage today. We believe that with this time-based approach, organisations may implement various tools and systems that help them acquire the agility and flexibility to adapt to the ever-changing business environment and to respond to tough competition. Time based solutions may affect the way you reach customers first and subsequently, the time it takes for you to make profit. read more

Strategic Execution and Development

Strategy is about winning. The key premise that underlies our work is to apply concepts, frameworks & techniques that are instantly applicable and useful in the formulation and implementation of effective, winning strategies. In that respect, TTM Associates will help you to enhance the strategic cohesiveness of your organisation through determining the appropriate & relevant strategic direction that leads to profitable growth of the business. This is achieved with HOSHIN planning methodology. read more

Marketing Planning and Brand Building Process

There are two extremes in business competition today: fierce competition and customers who are more demanding than ever before. Marketing and its associated planning process are therefore of great importance for organizations, products and individuals. Companies need to focus more on the customer needs and should shift to the customer relationship paradigm if they would like to build competitive customer-value driven marketing strategies. read more