Consulting Case Study - Pharmaceutical Industry

Case Study – Pharmaceutical Industry


1: Situation
A Leading Pharmaceutical Company.
The CEO set a challenging goal to be the leading pharmaceutical company in the home market and among the top ten in the MENA region. After a thorough assessment/analysis of the client situation, it was clear that the key strategic element that was critical for achieving such ambitious goals was the strategic alignment across the VPs and directors. It was identified that the organisational structure, design and culture was not effective in the sense that it was getting in the way of:
  • Strategic goals to be cascaded into departmental goals.
  • The cohesiveness of the departmental goals with the company / business goals.
  • The Integration of strategic efforts / actions among the various departments to boost the achievement of the company goals.


2: Solution & Methodology
With the use of Hoshin strategic business planning methodology, TTM Associates adopted the role of strategic business partner to the CEO and his leadership team in order to drive the execution of the following critical tasks:
  • Articulation of a clear strategic direction, vision and strategic goals in order to mobilize the organisation behind a simplified and precise objective.
  • Structure and manage the process whereby the VPs and head of departments detected, defined and developed BREAKTHROUGH areas in the business that did eventually set the stage for the strategic business direction as follows:
    • Creating a high performance culture within the organisation.
    • Differentiating and segregating strategic marketing from tactical marketing; in order to achieve business focus. This lead to the establishment of a complete R&D business unit.
    • The standardisation of the objectives- setting methodology across all departments to unify all departments with one common business language.


3: Benefits
  • The company moved from the number 2 position in their field to become number 1 in their home market.
  • The Company ranking in the MENA region has progressed to number 10 in their sector.