Consulting Case Study - Retail Industry

Case Study – Retail Industry


1: Situation
A Leading Organisation In The Retail Sector
This company is among the top three players in the retail sector in Saudi Arabia.
The company CEO faced critical challenges in terms of:

  • Lack of direction and strategic vision.
  • The sluggish accomplishment with respect to profitability, in a sector which is known for its lucrative profitability up to 25 percent.


2: Solution & Methodology
TTM worked in close partnership with the CEO on the following three areas:

  • Strategic vision definition and communication.
  • Setting strategic long term goals/milestones.
  • The formulation and deployment of company values.

TTM associates supported the CEO and established a coaching framework for the leadership team to determine the breakthrough areas as follows:

  • Core product offerings in the retail outlet.
  • The L&D approach for the development of the organisation, capacity building and the performance management framework.
  • The integration of supply chain and purchasing divisions.


3: Benefits
  • The basic business fundamentals have been calibrated and put in place. Moreover all dashboards are set up in order to monitor performance of core functions.
  • Profitability increased in one year to an average of 12 percent per store.
  • The motivation index of the people has increased two fold over the previous year.