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The fast spinning business environment compels organisations to revisit the way things are done. Real differentiation is reflected through people, hence the need for businesses to rethink their people strategy.  During the past decade we have witnessed a great emphasis by organisations to adopt a skills based approach. Although this approach has yielded results, in the current market place it is not about what you know but rather what you show. This lead us to formulate our behavioural development curriculum which is largely focused on sustainable change through behaviours which generate value across a multiple stakeholder landscape.

A great organisation starts with an equally great vision. At the visioning stage very few people are involved which is why some will argue that a vision is easy to formulate.

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Things tend to get a bit more complex though as strategic options are evaluated in order to achieve the vision.

It seems that the process gets harder and harder the more a vision is moved down the line as more and more people get involved and it soon becomes clear that the challenge is to create cohesion between people in the aim to unite them behind that same vision. This is where values come into play as the tone is set for shaping the desired organisational culture, following which skills are developed in order to build knowledge throughout the workforce.

Unfortunately this is where a lot of organisations stop in the people development process. The last stage which actually transforms vision into actions is too often underestimated or overlooked when as a matter of fact it is what you exhibit to your customers that differentiate you from competition. The chart on the right hand side describes this process.

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From Skills To Behaviours

 At TTM Associates, we are inspired by the belief of creating a lasting positive change for our stakeholders. This is why we went to great lengths to formulate our rounded and unique take on BEHAVIOURAL LEADERSHIP.

We left no stone unturned in our quest to bridge the gap between the company vision and the behaviours that are experienced by customers. Indeed, if you picture company vision as an ephemeral dream that is intangible and conceptual to customers, you will realize that behaviours are the connecting tissue that enables you to transform that vision into a reality; an experience that can be seen, touched and felt by your customers, be they internal or external. read more

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Passion Evolving Autonomy Collaboration
Business Acumen Political Intelligence Emotional Intelligence Cultural Inclusiveness
Inspiring Driver Leading in a Matrix Organisation Peak Performance Leading in a VUCA World
Innovative Entrepreneur


Behavioural Development Compendium

In order to sustain and augment the impact of behavioural change our portfolio of solutions is comprised of the following bespoke solutions that cover the full spectrum of behavioural leadership development.

Leadership Charter Development

Many organizations put emphasis on developing their future leaders and expect that this investment will propel the whole organization to new heights. They want their leaders to be a real differentiating factor as well as to be role models both inside and outside the organization. read more

Coaching and Mentoring

We are passionate believers in the value of skilled and personalized mentoring. It has now come to light that a significant number of senior managers need to receive mentoring training in order to disseminate knowledge and achieve strategic objectives in any organization. Our programs of mentor development cater for this area of need. Coaching and mentoring share many similarities so that they both focus on team potential and the unleashing of people and of organization. read more

Cultural Change and Organisational Transformation

At TTM Associates we understand that change is time consuming and often requires ‘mind-set’, culture and value change. Implementing change in a dynamic and fast-paced environment has become a key factor for organizations to stay ahead of competition. Moreover, to respond to increasing customer needs, change is pivotal to the organization’s agility. Our unique, structured approach covers all the aspects and pitfalls of change to help organizations adapt to turbulent times. read more

Talent Management

Our overall human capital talent development approach captures the essence of what meets your needs. read more