Development Case Study - Oil & Gas Industry

Case Study – Oil & Gas Industry


1: Situation
The heavy reliance on strategic partnerships is critical in the oil and gas industry. At one location there will be more than 100 languages spoken, people from not less than 50 different countries. On top of all that you will have people from different companies working on different systems, shoulder to shoulder in a highly volatile and dangerous environment.


2: Solution & Methodology
Like in all groups operating under one umbrella the most important things are values. Values determine the culture of the organisation and if safety is high on the values agenda then actions related to those values will be the same for everyone regardless of their personal situation. In order to align people behind the same values and to ensure that they mean the same thing to everyone we propose the following procedure.
The first stage is to assess the context in which the organisation is operating.
Then set objectives with respect to behaviours per company value.
This is followed by a gap analysis per value at all levels of the organisation.
Once the gap analysis is made the corrective solution is designed, tested and implemented.
The behaviours are then measured in real life scenarios and reassessed to track behavioural change thus ensuring that behaviours are steered towards the organisation’s values and are conducive to desired outcomes.


3: Benefits
  1. Alignment of multiple sub divisions that have high levels of interdependencies to achieve quality outputs in a safe manner.
  2. Strong and coherent organisational culture that engages people in critical positions and ensures low staff turnover.
  3. Paves the way for a sustainable performance culture in the organisation.
  4. A solid recruitment and selection process that not only filters people based on technical abilities but also on the capacity to live the values (fast-tracking of on-boarding).