Development Case Study - Telecom Industry

Case Study – Telecom Industry


1: Situation
In a sophisticated telecom market which is shared between 3 internationally renowned players it is extremely challenging to differentiate from competition.
The ever increasing demand for faster and cheaper internet with greater coverage has placed customers in a position of power vs operators. The churn rates are sky-rocketing and customer loyalty is fast becoming a major issue for operators.
Therefore creating a best customer experience at the various customer interaction points is a key competitive advantage. The impact of such interaction is translated in reduced churn, higher ARPU and loyalty; hence the role of the customer facing agent is critical to delivery of value.


2: Solution & Methodology
The first stage is to come to the point of realisation that the customer experience is directly influenced by the behaviours of the agent. This is a critical stage because the telecom industry is very left brain by nature and has difficulties conciliating intangibles.
Stage two consists of identifying and exemplifying the behaviours that boost customer experience from the perspective of the client.
Stage three is to internally align the behaviours of the agents with management and marketing. Lastly, stage four is to make the agents experience these behaviours in a very interactive and experiential way so that they can learn how to exhibit these behaviours to customers.


3: Benefits
The benefits of such an approach are that you reinforce your company values and these are subsequently reflected by all your front line staff in a systematic and consistent manner.
Operators have the means to identify and measure performance of ‘intangibles’ in a scientific manner thus allowing them to take measures to grow customer experience in a sustainable way that also influences the main aspects of the telecom business as shown below.