Cultural Change

Cultural Change and Organisational Transformation

At TTM Associates we understand that change is time consuming and often requires ‘mind-set’, culture and value change. Implementing change in a dynamic and fast-paced environment has become a key factor for organizations to stay ahead of competition. Moreover, to respond to increasing customer needs, change is pivotal to the organization’s agility. Our unique, structured approach covers all the aspects and pitfalls of change to help organizations adapt to turbulent times.

Establishing The Need For Change
This is about identifying the ‘why’ for change. Organizations often jump to implementation rather than focusing on diagnosing the right need for change and clarifying requirements first.

Designing The Path Of Change
This is about working out what it is that you are changing to and being really clear about the end vision.

Enabling & Evaluating Change
This is about making sure change sticks, because traditionally organizations tend to move on too quickly. This process is supported by ‘leading change in an RRR way’ which refers to the way we want to manage our people through change and this is where TTM Associates methodology distinguishes itself from other change methodologies.