Leadership Charter Development

Leadership Charter Development

Many organizations put emphasis on developing their future leaders and expect that this investment will propel the whole organization to new heights. They want their leaders to be a real differentiating factor as well as to be role models both inside and outside the organization. Leaders need to be a source of inspiration to the organization as a whole. With this fundamental concept at heart, we make it our responsibility to partner with you in order to achieve the level of leadership required that results in strong ROI.

The TTM Associates way is to collaborate closely with your organization to develop a leadership charter for your own distinct organization and set out the philosophy as well as competences we believe are central to being a successful leader. We focus on experiences that both transform the individual and leave them with access to consistently pass-on that transformation to others.

The ultimate goal is to create leadership tracks which develop future leaders who are:

    • Capable of Personal Transition

Capable of adopting different approaches to different jobs.

    • Intelligent & Business Aware

Quick to assess situations and take the right decisions on the basis of business insights.

    • Astute Judges of People

Their role is to lead other talent in the business – to get self-motivated people in the right jobs.

    • Inspirational Leaders

Displaying and harnessing passion. Role modelling for the followers.

    • Applied Learners

Humble enough to learn from mistakes and successes, applying it to the business.