Talent Management

Talent Management and Development Programmes

Our overall human capital talent development approach captures the essence of what meets your needs.
Some of the things we believe are worth emphasizing include:

Evaluation & Monitoring
This process starts with Stage 1 Consultation.
In this way we would expect to establish a metrics-based system enabling the client and ourselves to monitor the process of development for individuals, levels, areas, particular functions and professional groups.

Outputs Emphasis
We believe more emphasis and clarity is required in relation to outputs and outcomes.
If the client has a set of desired outputs from the development program, we would make use of our wide array of tools to deliver those specific outputs and outcomes. This whole phase is closed by the measurement of results through performance management meetings and assessments including but not limited to, 360 assessments.

Competency Development Methodology

Development Interventions & Programmes
To stimulate the prospect’s appetite, at TTM Associates we include in our models, additional and appropriately grouped development experiences and processes. In addition to the development elements and processes we include the following:

  • Development centres
  • Mentoring
  • Peer and manager coaching
  • Guided reading
  • Projects
  • Workshops
  • Shadowing
  • External attachments
  • Training courses
  • Conference attendance
  • Community service
  • Exposure to training and development experiences in other companies

Our approach is to particularly emphasize both the bespoke nature of individuals’ development plans and the way in which there will be no ‘scatter-gun’ approach where individuals are thrown into learning experiences. We distinguish between the individual manager and the needs for the organization to build certain areas of competence.

Coaching & Mentoring
We are passionate believers in the value of skilled and personalized mentoring. It has now come to light that a significant number of senior managers need to receive mentoring training in order to disseminate knowledge and achieve strategic objectives in any organization. Our programs of mentor development cater for this area of need.