10 Free HBDI Profiles

10 Free Herrmann Brain Dominance (HBDI) Profiles

TTM associates is launching in Turkey and to celebrate, we’re running a series of offers and giving away a selection of valuable gifts ranging from profiling tools and books to career coaching sessions.

[ico type=”icon-gift”]  Currently, we have 10 Herrmann Brain Dominance (HBDI) profiles available to give away!  [ico type=”icon-gift”]

The famous HBDI profile illustrates and explains the way you prefer to think, learn, communicate and make decisions. As we interact with the world, different situations require different types of thinking.

Understanding your personal thinking preferences will enable you to optimise your ability to adapt your thinking, decision-making or communication style to a given situation. It will also explain why it is easier to communicate with some people than it is with others.

Your profile will cast light on why some elements of your education or work see more effortless and satisfying and why some academic subjects, job functions or hobbies are more interesting and appealing to you.
Your profile is based upon a metaphoric representation of the brain, distinguished by four quadrants of thinking preferences.


It’s easy to enter and literally only takes a minute – just submit your details in the form below and if you are a winner we will let you know and advise you of any next steps such as arranging shipping to you and providing usage instructions.

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