Our Methodologies and Tools

Our Approach

Whatever sector your firm is operating in, our aim is to establish a lasting partnership with you to help your people enhance the organisation’s performance.  In this regard, our proven approach is as follows:

Stage 1 – Develop Deep Insight (fieldwork)
  • “In collaboration with our clients, we listen to their challenges. In specific cases, we visit their customers.”
  • The objective is to develop a deep insight into the company’s value chain and challenges.
Stage 2 – Office Based Analysis & Synthesis
  • We analyse the whole situation, generate alternative scenarios and discuss these with our clients.
  • The essence of this phase is to generate relevant and creative options that will have a positive impact on the client organisation.
Stage 3 – Implementation, Evaluation & Measurement
  • Reaching a consensus on the final option is halfway to the solution. Implementation is a key word for achieving success.
  • Incremental and fundamental changes have to be implemented in order to enhance the situation, improve performance and sustain our collaboration.


Our Workshop Methodology

All of our workshops are uniquely PowerPoint slide free and make substantial use of experiential content.

The TTM associates Whole Brain Transformation methodology relies on action learning and experiential tools which equip participants with skills and help them to transform their daily behaviours.  We also combine elements of the following interventions, depending on the requirements of the assignment, as illustrated in the accompanying video:

  • One-to-one coaching and mentoring
  • Peer and manager coaching
  • Peer-to-peer feedback
  • Conference attendance
  • Development centres
  • Guided reading
  • Shadowing
  • Webinars
  • Online engagement forums


Our Assessment Tools

TTM associates provides a wide variety of accurate, effective assessment tools and business scenario simulations including those illustrated below.


We are proponents of the Herrmann Whole Brain Dominance model and use it  as a best practice tool in order to deliver elevated and differentiated value to our partners. Our approach aims at changing the mindset of individuals and teams in order to meet the business requirements of organizations in various sectors.


TTM associates is an Authorised Capsim Partner in the entire Middle East Region. As leaders in the area of in Business Acumen, we enhanced our expertise further with the addition of the Capsim solutions!  These unique Business simulations enable Companies and Universities to put theory into practice. At TTM associates it is vital to be equipped with the best tools in order to perform the best Business Simulations, where we can accurately project the impact of the of your Business Decisions on your organization in the near future. For more details click here