Capsim Simulations


Business simulations that enable Universities and Companies to put theory into practice!



TTM associates has a long experience and expertise in Business Acumen!
Business Acumen is the ability to deeply understand the business consequence of your decisions as they are taken. It is the ability to predict, with great accuracy the outcomes of business decisions.


It was only natural for TTM associates to be a Capsim Authorised partner!

Capsim is an industry leader in business simulation technology used for the development and assessment of business acumen.


At TTM associates we also seek to have the best tools in order to perform the best Business Simulations, where we can accurately project the impact of  your Business Decisions on your organization in the near future!


We utilize the best tools in our solutions in order to reduce risk and enhance the value of your business decisions!


Capsim has a number of solutions that are ideal for Businesses and Universities:




Capsim Foundation: a simpler simulation focused on the fundamentals of business strategy.




CapsimCore: a simulation aimed at entry-level business courses and universities.





Capsim Capstone®: challenges students to draw on their acquired knowledge to create and execute a strategy in a competitive and dynamic environment.

Capsim Ethics Plug-in for Capstone and Foundation: introducing students to ethical scenarios that impact their bottom line in the simulation.





Capsim GlobalDNA: an international business strategy simulation that introduces the complexity of an international marketplace.





Capsim Comp-XM, a simulation-based competency exam.





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