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There is no doubt that passionate behaviour makes a difference in the current competitive environment as this is one of the most crucial differentiating soft skills for many of the leading organisations. It is fair to argue that as the market becomes more and more competitive, organisations seek to differentiate themselves by developing behaviours in their employees such as passion. This consequently make a difference in the life of individuals and teams by boosting the entire potential of the organisation.

Having the above in mind and understanding the importance of developing passionate behaviours within the workforce, TTM associates has developed the following methodology to enhance and boost individuals’ passionate behaviours in order to sustain and grow business performance and consequently ROI.

Step 1: Diagnostic Phase – Identify The Needs of Your Target Group

Activity 1: Analyse the customers’ current challenges and needs.

  • The pay off and outcome of this phase:

    • Determine the desired passionate behaviours that need to be tackled.
    • Identify the areas that are lacking passion in order to formulate a proposed solution that will help the organisation in the future.
    • Propose a solution going forwards, that can tackle the area that lacks passionate behaviours in relation to the customers’ needs and expectations.
  • The process for this phase is:

    • Questionnaires are designed based on structured design methodology across all the layers and tools
    • One-to-one Interviews with HR and / or Talent Management department
    • Online survey for the target group to identify their individual needs and challenges

Activity 2: Office work for data collation, analysis, tabulation and validation

  • The pay off and outcomes of this phase is:

    • Well defined consolidation of the needs gathered by both the HR department and or Talent Management along with the responses given by the people that are going to participate in the delivery of the passionate behaviours development programme.

Step 2: Development Phase – Developing The Passionate Behaviours

In order to attain the desired passionate behaviours, companies may need to change their mindset into a journey of behavioural development which is based on three main pillars as explained in the diagram below

Behavioural Leadership Methodologies

  • PowerPoint Slide free & Experiential workshops!
  • Action learning projects
  • One-to-one coaching
  • Peer-to-peer feedback partners agreement
  • Webinars
  • Web-forums

Passionate Behavioural Process

When dealing with behavioural leadership behaviours, it is of crucial importance to ideally identify precisely the needs that occur from both scopes; the management and the target group. This is of vital importance as initially the challenges need to be identified and then be assessed in a valuation approach coming from the actual group itself, in order for TTM to align the two and recommend the best solution for the concerned company. Failure of following the process as such may cause wrongful conclusions into the customisation of the program and may not tackle the correct challenges and needs of the group concerned.

Internal Communication & Awareness

Internal communication is an integral part of achieving the desired behaviours when it comes to the behavioural development of passion. It is important that messages are communicated clearly to the team by management in order for them to be responsive and to express themselves in a realistic way that will enable the team to customise the best solution for the company and thus tackle the development of passionate behaviours for the group. The customised solution can be for delegates level, management level, and senior managemement & CEO level.

Step 3: Coaching Phase – Coach Individuals for Practicing Passionate Behaviours

As it is of crucial importance to support individuals after the phase of developing behaviours, TTM associates offers ongoing one-to-one executive / individual coaching and mentoring because we are passionate believers in the value of skilled and personalised mentoring. This will enhance the individuals to share and develop in greater depth, how exactly they deal with the knowledge that was delivered to them and will support them by providing advice from the many professional coaches we have regarding how to develop their learning in practice.

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