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TTM associates Methodology

An inspired, highly motivated workforce is arguably the most essential component of any successful organisation but given the daily rigours and demands of most roles, achieving, maintaining and growing motivation is a challenge.

TTM associates specialise in developing a real sense of motivation amongst organisational workforces using sustainable methods which do not necessarily rely purely on financial reward.  We would like to share with you the steps and the process that we suggest a company should follow in order to develop and sustain a genuine, effective sense of leadership.

Our methodology involves several steps and makes effective use of the Herrmann Whole Brain Model plus various approaches innovated by the Hay Group and involves experiential ‘action’ learning throughout, as follows:

  • Introduction to the popular concept of Whole Brain Thinking.
  • Discussion and collection of examples of what motivates your targeted employees.
  • Class-based arrangement of those examples to synchronise with the Whole Brain Thinking model (see illustration below).
  • Learning modules to educate, discuss and clarify the respective roles or employee engagement vs employee enablement.
  • Situation-specific analysis and plan formulation to enable enhanced employee motivation.


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