The Innovative Entrepreneur Leadership Programme

The Innovative Entrepreneurial Leadership Programme

what is evolving

An innovative entrepreneur is a person who promotes business within a financially risky environment. Others have indicated that an entrepreneur is a person who identifies a need and fills it by managing, organizing and initiating its business; although knowing it’s initiative might encounter a financial risk. Following which he / she puts full commitment to achieve its goals and to make the impossible possible. Entrepreneurs always notice opportunities, dare to take risks and make meaningful results from their actions. They foster a climate of innovation and creativity coupled with:

– Inspiring visions and clear direction.
– High risk and unconventional strategies.
– Bold and courageous tactics to reach and accomplish their goals.

Why Is It Important?

Innovative entrepreneurship is what makes the difference! It demarcates and differentiates between a good organization and a great one. It is the ability of a WHOLE TEAM to create, innovate, and venture unique approaches to tackling business challenges and enhancing business opportunities. Imagine that entrepreneurship and innovation are the machines that drive your organization, team and individuals! This will bring you great competitive advantage over your rivals and an unmatched value proposition.

Therefore, in this changing and turbulent global economy, organizations are migrating from the traditional set of employees who seek conventional employment only, into creating unmatched corporate entrepreneurs who seek employability. By employability we mean employees who have the vision to shape the future; they dream, create and above all have the courage to strive to make their business dreams come-true. They are alert, observant, challengers and forward thinkers. They see things with sharp eyes and elevate their energy and spirit to commit actions to make the best out of the opportunities that their business environment poses to them.

Modern and contemporary organizations are in need of developing a generation of leaders who are agile, resilient and courageous and are who able to take risks and initiate creative solutions to achieve organizational goals. This is the engine of sustainable and long term growth for the organization to remain competitive in this uncertain global economy.

Programme Take Aways

This program is designed to develop the managers and managers of managers by sustaining their behavioural change towards an innovative entrepreneurial approach with behaviours including:

Adopt and exhibit flexibility to create, develop and implement new ideas at the workplace and to encourage others to experience it to achieve business goals.

Will to explore, take risks and adventure through various streams in order to reach your own or your teams’ goals.

Display proactive ways to spot problems and creatively find ways to solve them. Help team members to solve these issues.

Encourage others to learn through experiencing new things and owning the results to sustain growth.

Challenge the status quo and strive to create a climate of innovation and creativity.

Allow and encourage team members to share and try new ways of doing things.
Curious, observant and agile in responding to business challenges and opportunities. Think fast and act fast.


Programme Modules

Module 1
Why Should Managers Cultivate The Mindset Of A Corporate Entrepreneur
Why managers need to develop innovative
mindsets and the entrepreneurial spirit?What is innovation and how does it
relate to entrepreneurship?What are the behaviours of
innovative, entrepreneurial managers?Behavioural challenges faced by managers
while developing innovative approaches,
performing tasks and leading teams.
Module 3
Building & Creating The Innovative Entrepreneurial Approach & Challenging The Status Quo
What are your creative skills?6 step model for creative problem solving.Reaching the root cause of the challenge
and defining the problem.Fundamentals of KJ, application of KJ in
problem solving and the application of KJ
in creative solution finding.Fundamentals of mind mapping
(mind maps and the creative process).

Learning the art of questioning that
leads to new innovations.

Module 2
Discovering The Entrepreneur Inside You
Discovering the whole brain creative and
innovative approach and how does our
brain impact our courage to upstream and
project new initiatives and ideas.The impact upon you and your team members of cognitive preference on courage to try new things.
Lessons from entrepreneurs.Develop the skills of resilience and agility and demonstrate these through behaviours.
Module 4
Inspiring Others To Adopt Innovative Entrepreneurship
Motivating others to take ownership
and initiate new ideas.How to overcome the killers of starting
new initiatives (cognitive dissonance & creativity, communication & creativity,
multiordinality & creativity).Paradigms and inferences.Sustaining change in your and others’ behaviours.Personal development plan.



Jean Luc Kastner, PhD, Bsc Engineering, Managing Partner

Jean-Luc is a managing partner in TTM Associates, and he heads the strategy, marketing and customer management practice area team. He has been involved very early in his business career in creativity and innovation processes.

While managing an international marketing team at Hewlett Packard in Germany he has been instrumental in the development of key creative processes such as the mind mapping technology with Tony Buzan as well as the KJ method with the CQM Team. Jean-Luc has developed a specific and widely used process based on cognitive preferences and mind management. These simple processes are widely used today in blue chip companies and in creative teams such as the storywriters of Egmont Books.

Magdi Hassan, MBA, MCIM, MHBDI, Director and Principal Consultant, Middle East, Turkey & Africa

Magdi Hassan is Egyptian by birth and currently lives in Cyprus where he manages the TTM associates MENA & Turkey office and commutes between, Dubai, Istanbul and London. Magdi previously resided in Egypt & Saudi Arabia and works across many countries including, UK, Belgium, France, Turkey, Greece, Kuwait, Bahrain, Oman, Lebanon, Jordan, Syria, Saudi Arabia and Egypt.

He studied pharmaceutical sciences and commenced his entrepreneurship adventures in the early 90s while he was still studying in the Faculty of Pharmacy. Magdi started his practical life early – when still a student he opened his retail pharmacy in order to secure a good future for himself.
Magdi’s career thereafter focused on the fields of strategy, marketing, sales and customer management in the pharmaceutical industry. For the past 20 years he has pursued his career development in various international companies including Rhone Poulenc (Sanofi-Aventis) and Organon NV in the Middle East.
During this period, he gained the experience of launching and marketing many products in the Middle East. Also Magdi combines pragmatic knowledge and experience of managing and doing business in the Middle East while at the same time he has the awareness and understanding of international business culture.
He currently consults global organizations in Eastern Mediterranean countries on Time to Market, Strategy Formulation and Implementation, Customer Management and Portfolio Management. Magdi is a subject-matter expert and a consultant for TMC.
He holds degrees in Pharmaceutical Sciences and an MBA from Henley Management School, UK. Magdi is also a member of the Chartered Institute of Marketing and a certified practitioner for the Herrmann Brain Dominance Instrument, France. Magdi is married and has 4 children, 2 girls and 2 boys. He enjoys reading about history and cultural differences and he likes playing soccer and squash.