The Inspiring Driver Programme

Inspirational Leadership And Driving For Results

what is passionIn today’s marketplace, achieving a sustained, competitive advantage requires a performance driven culture. Performance driven organizations leverage their workforce to realize a higher return on investment, increased productivity, decreased operational costs, improved customer / employee retention and a host of other benefits. The culture of your organization facilitates the speedy achievement of your business plan and is a major influencer of your success.

Why Is It Important?

The careful design and shaping of your corporate structure will be the driving force enabling things to happen. A business culture driven by performance is one where leaders demonstrate behaviours that are consistent with the organization’s culture and how business is transacted – such as planning, recognizing and rewarding achievement, providing a framework for achievement and clarifying expectations.

Performant leaders know and understand that there is an alignment between leadership and behaviours. They are motivators, focused with clear expectations and they build an environment where people can achieve.

Each employee should be aware of the impact that they as individuals contribute to the success of the organization.

It is the responsibility of leaders and managers to contribute to the development of a corporate vision and to communicate this vision to employees. A strong performance culture will deliver strong performance figures.

Programme Take Aways

This program broadly targets managers regardless of their functional background or level (line, middle or senior managers). They will benefit from capturing the performance behaviours that should be demonstrated by them / their subordinates, such as proactive behaviours, target and goal setting, planning, building high performing teams, communicating efficiently and effectively, striving to achieve and giving space for people to learn. Your managers will grow and learn how to develop a culture of high performance and achievement. They will also learn how to delegate and motivate their teams with the ability to influence others. In essence they will create a culture of performance which is driven by team work, thus they will experience, practice and build skills to help them develop the below behaviours in themselves and in their teams:

  • Making decisions and setting goals and targets to improve performance.
  • Managing and handling the decision making processes within their sphere of influence.
  • Manage others’ performance and learning how to monitor performance.
  • How to delegate the various tasks of your decisions to various stakeholders to achieve the best results.
  • How to provide a framework for achievement. The art of assigning tasks to others to implement decisions and achieve results.



Programme Modules

Module 1
The Changing Environment & Inspirational, Driven Organizations
Why do we need to be Inspired and driven managers in today’s fast-paced, changeable business environment?Behavioural challenges that managers face in building an organizational performance culture.How these challenges impact on the performance and inspirations of delegates?

What are the qualities of inspiring, driven managers?
What behaviours demonstrate this?

Module 3
Inspiring Team Members To Drive Results
Writing well defined performance objectives and standards.Assigning tasks to improve individual performance.Setting SMART objectives that build valuable individuals, teams and organizations.

Determine what motivates different personality types – apply motivational theories to different team members.

Make appraisals a meaningful process for both managers and employees.

The impact of feedback on performance and how to raise performance levels.

The manager’s role in inspiring different types of people.

Understand the impact of personality style on perception and inspiration.

Module 2
The Inspired Results Driven Manager
What is the performance management cycle?
How does it work?What is the role of management (John Adair) in managing, performance goals, individual performance andteam performance?The performance management cycle – who, what, why, when and where.

Module 4
The Inspired Driven Manager As A COACH To Improve Productivity
Coaching as an inspirational tool to drive success? The importance of coaching for the coach and the coachee.Develop the ability to coach others – Enhance yours and others’ performance through coaching – manage change and complexity through coaching.Good leaders in bad times – how do you know if your team is inspired enough?

Always be on the look-out for inspired and motivated people.

Plan to approach, influence, coach and grow inspired people.

How to protect the inspired people from negative and uninspired ones?



Simon Lawson, Practice Leader, Customer Management

Simon is a senior management and sales consultant with ample focus on managing key accounts, corporate accounts and sales management. He works with organizations and individuals to increase their efficiency and productivity.

He is particularly experienced at working with and facilitating groups of adult learners from all levels in an organization. He has an excellent reputation for leading high-impact and highly participative training programmes in the areas of sales, strategic account management, negotiation and general management.
After graduating with an honours degree in psychology, Simon worked as a sales representative and sales manager for a company in the leisure industry.
Following a Masters degree in marketing, Simon worked as a strategic account manager in the finance and communications industries.
In 1989 he was offered the post of managing consultant in a London-based training and marketing consultancy, becoming an independent consultant and trainer in 1996.
Simon has worked with clients in manufacturing, FMCG and service sectors. Among his clients are Allied Irish Bank, Coca-Cola, Nokia Networks, Novo Nordisk, Toyota and Unilever.
He has worked in many different parts of the world – throughout Europe, the Middle East, the Far East, North and South America and Australia. He particularly enjoys the challenge of working in a multi-cultural environment.

Ben Smithies, Management Consultant

Ben is an organisation and people development consultant and practitioner. He works with a variety of clients both in the public and private sector in the UK and internationally. He has also worked as an Associate of SOLACE Enterprises, Practive and Henley Business School.

Ben is a highly experienced coach and facilitator who specialises in working with business leaders to help them achieve their business objectives through fulfilling their own, and their people’s potential. Prior to setting up his own business he gained over seven years of consulting experience from his work in personal and organisational development with PwC. Before joining PwC he worked as a social worker and psychotherapist. It is this combination of experience, working with organisations, groups and individuals managing significant and challenging change that he brings to his work. He works with:

  • Individuals – coaching senior executives on leadership and personal effectiveness as well as influencing and managing personal and organisational change.
  • Teams – working with leaders and their teams to help them work together to deliver their business objectives, working with groups running advanced interpersonal skills programmes and facilitating learning sets.
  • Organisations – developing a variety of wide ranging projects such as those involving culture changes or facilitating large system strategic change.


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