Webinar: Blue Ocean Strategy

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September 10, 2017
Blue Ocean Strategies in A VUCA World
September 4, 2017

“Blue Ocean Strategy challenges everything you thought you knew about strategic success and provides a systematic approach to making the competition irrelevant,” Chan Kim and Renée Mauborgne.


This interactive webinar is the first of our compelling Blue Ocean Series.

Bob Empson, a trusted Adviser & Coach for board members, CEOs and senior executives, introduces ‘Blue Ocean Strategy’which was developed by globally pre-eminent management thinkers Chan Kim and Renée Mauborgne.

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  • Strategic management framework and traditional tools
  • Blue Ocean vs. Red Ocean
  • Blue Ocean Tools
    • Value Innovation
    • Strategy Canvas
    • Four Actions Framework
    • ERRC grid
  • Case Studies
    • Cirque du Soleil
    • Southwest Airlines
  • Questions & Answers


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Webinar: Blue Ocean Strategy