Webinar: High Performance Teams

Project Description


High-performance teams rarely form naturally. They must be created and managed. Success in any rapidly changing business environment requires learning how to create and lead teams that are more effective.

In this webinar is illustrated that the key in creating a high-performance team lies in understanding ourselves and understanding others. Organisations need to apply an effective working theory to consciously and systemically build teamwork within their organisation.

Thomas Orths is an expert in Leadership Effectiveness, Holistic Change and Emotional Intelligence. As a high performance coach, trainer and speaker, he enables individuals, teams and organizations to grow. His ability to initiate Mindset Change is in demand to create High Performing Teams in the competitive business arena.

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This webinar will cover the following:

  • •  Understand and appreciate diversity for the nurturing of high performance organisations
  • •  What it takes to BE a highly collaborative team member?
  • •  The various types of high collaborative teams.
  • •  The different types of responses to the various stages of a high collaborative team and their impact on the team performance
  • •  Understand what conflict is and why it happens
  • •  The strategies to handling conflict and persuading others



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