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TTM associates have developed over the years, an extensive knowledge and expertise in the Telecom
Industry, enabling Telecoms to Transform Minds within their organisations, and achieve a
competitive position in an ever-changing market.



The fast paced and fiercely competitive industry has simply revolutionised the world by consistently pushing the boundaries of how people communicate and data is transferred. Growth in the mobile industry has been dramatic by virtually any measure, and despite some reports of a slowdown, we still see growth in the coming year. According to some reports, the Mobile phone penetration globally is currently 50%, whereas in some countries it has reached over 100%.



Today, the Telecom Industry both on a Global Level and in the Middle Eastern region is experiencing change at a faster rate than ever before. These are the Key Trends in Today's Market.



Telecommunication operators see their ROI coming under pressure, while facing major challenges in the digital era. This is a list of challenges Telecoms face today, listed from most to least popular.



Telecommunication operators see their ROI coming under pressure, while facing major challenges in the digital era. This is a list of challenges Telecoms face today, listed from most to least popular.



The telecommunications industry continues to change continuously at a high speed. The emphasis is still on driving efficiencies into the business, while at the same time many operators are exploring new opportunities in a rapidly widening digital ecosystem, as they look to meet a new wave of customer demands. Please find below some
key future trends that will shape the industry.



We believe that the preparation period, trying to build on several trends is over. Telecoms must now focus their business strategy on what gives them a competitive edge! The key factors to lead in the Telecom Market are:

  • Strategic focus
  • Higher Agility Levels
  • Collaborative mind-sets
  • Building Intimate Customer Relationships



Some of our esteemed clients from the Health Care sector that we had the privilege to work with.


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    Julie Muhs
    International Assignee Vodafone Egypt
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    Christine Deydier
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