What Our Clients Say About Us

Corporate Learning & Development Director

My work with TTM has been extremely fulfilling. Delivering high quality, inspiring and engaging learning events, I have trust and confidence in the services you provide. Magdi, the trainer on last year's Emerging Leadership program went out of his way to adapt the program to our leaders needs, our business priorities and really created a dynamic, active session for us. I especially appreciated his generosity and enthusiasm. I appreciate the diversity of management programs and the creative approach TTM takes from a methodology perspective. The global reach of trainers and consultants is especially important for our organization.

Commercial Excellence Director

As you know we have worked on a number of courses for GSK, the latter was the train the trainer with the focus on Hermann whole brain thinking concept. I must say the quality of the course and delivery was first class, it most certainly helped my team to have the right focus, some of whom were new at the time, in their positions.

Training & Development Manager

This is a testimonial that Olayan Financing Company has been using TTM Associates as an associate for learning & development initiatives for its talent since 2009. TTM is thorough in its approach and adopts a very systemic way to learning & development. Their diagnostic sessions are detailed and they customise the interventions on the basis of the insights they obtain, thus ensuring that their interventions deliver value to the organization. Also they have a very unique way of facilitation; not resorting to the cliched approach of Powerpoint presentations but adopting an interactive and engaging method of delivering their programs. We are happy with our relationship and see it as an enduring association to build our talent.

Training & Development Director

TTM Associates not only have understood our requirements, but they came with a 3-step project under the theme "Value-Based Selling". The 3 day workshops was relevant, interesting, teaching, sharing and rewarding, thanks to TTM Associates' very skilled facilitators / trainers. What really differentiates the delivery is TTM Associates' unique method of "no slides" principle, which pulls every individual into the workshop. The deliverables were cleverly customized for each country we operate in. The preparations and follow-ups prior to and after the trainings were flawless. Overall, we have received very positive evaluations from the attendees. The stakeholders were satisfied over a job very well done. I highly recommend TTM Associates.

Executive Manager Training Operations

This is to acknowledge and confirm that we have a working relationship with TTM Associates in the front of Mobily organizational and management development since 2010 where TTM Associates has developed, designed and delivered leadership & management solutions for our company line and middle managers, which involved over 1500 line / middle managers. The advantages of TTM are numerous:
  • They are very customer centred and have a very strong project management team.
  • They have a nice methodology since they don't use slides in the workshop.
  • They have best practice and used lots of international better practice.
Therefore we are highly satisfied with the results and highly recommend using their services!

Business Support Director

I would like to thank you for the good work done with us starting from 2007, since then I can say that we have no failed or unsatisfactory projects. TTM team have proven their market understanding and their professionalism in delivering marketing and sales training supported by the good simulation modules you are using. Mini MBA was one of the remarkable jobs done as well as the last sales and marketing fundamental training given to all high potential representatives using the new delivery technique using no slides, this technique was very well appreciated by the whole team and kept them busy in doing the work for the whole training period.

Human Resources Director

TTM Associates takes the business opportunities seriously and flexibly enough to customize the program in-line with the client's needs. Especially during our work with TTM Associates, in some case, I was very sure that the TTM Associates management compromised some other business opportunities to serve our needs better. The reason why I would recommend TTM Associates to other organisations is because they are close to business, understand the customer needs and do their homework; acts smart and owns the project, program. Because of the professional, open, assertive and friendly approach.

International Assignee Vodafone Egypt

In the work with TTM I felt supported to achieve a great outcome for my business. The professionalism Magdi and the team demonstrated allowed me to focus on the transformation activities without being dragged into the minutiae. The 'safe hands' of TTM brought thoroughness, excellence and a pragmatic approach which was appealing and quickly added value into our operation. I recognise things change and there is a balance to be struck between scope-creep and flexibly responding to emerging needs, in partnering with us, TTM were able to challenge our thinking to ensure we focused on the important elements.

Head of Talent & People Capabilities

We are partners with TTM for more than 10 years. In any learning project we work with them we always receive a great experience starting from our initial discussion meeting, to the post learning following up. This include the program management, content design & delivery.
“Can do attitude, flexibility, trainers/instructors quality ” - this is what differentiates TTM from others providers.
When I have a training delivered by TTM I am fully confident that it will be a high quality program.  So if you want to take your training programs to another level, I recommend TTM.  

Talent, L&D and OD Manager

TTM associates are highly professional and took the time to develop the right tools to support an appropriate diagnostic, prior to developing the training content. The team took the time to contact the stakeholders within the organisation to ensure they understood the challenges we were trying to address
The training was highly experiential with case studies, activities and games that all were focused towards bringing in awareness and learning. This ensured a high level of engagement during the training.
TTM have solid business know how with a clear understanding of the main challenges faced in today's markets. Dedicated resources to support through the whole process, and a solid network with a variety of trainers to ensure they match the right trainer to the business need

Training & Talent Development Advisor

TTM provides quality training with well trained and professional training consultants and facilitators. The training materials they provide are carefully developed with excellent illustrations and content. From a project perspective, TTM are timely and professionally systematic in applying the different steps of the project. Most importantly their responsiveness and excellent customer service differentiate TTM associates from other providers. TTM makes you feel as if they were working from within and if they were part of the company and not a 3rd party provider TTM have in-depth experience in providing solutions and innovative approaches in dealing with the people aspect of the company.

Senior Trainer

It was an excellent experience dealing with all the people in TTM as they are very professional and know exactly how to translate our needs into real actions during the training sessions.  Excellence starts from the first contact to prepare the project till the last minute our Field Force leaves the meeting room.  They are differentiated by:
  • The professional people and the excellent organization and follow up.
  • The trainer who delivers (Magdi Ismail) is of real value for the training and the people.
  • All the concepts are up to date and realistic and easily applied in the field.
  • What you offer is always different to any other provider in the market.