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TTM Associates is a global consultancy firm which focuses on achieving impact on individuals, teams and organisations by building insight and transforming mindsets.  TTM uses practical, pragmatic, scientific methods and best practice processes in order to ensure that we deliver on our promise.

We appreciate the reality of the economic slump, which in itself offers businesses the chance to take ‘a reality check’.  Our blended learning focuses on developing the organisation’s most important asset, people!  It sparks innovation and prepares them to cope with change and make the best of opportunities.

TTM’s world-class learning solutions are action-based, aligned to evolving market dynamics and customer needs in terms of:




Our vision

We aspire to achieve sustainable transformation, to nurture authentic insight and to elevate minds. 


Our Mission

Innovation is our way to cater for authentic insight, create impact and transform minds.

Our Values

Customer Comes First
Striving to exceed customer’s delight. We aim high to wow our Customers.

Having a sense of honesty and truthfulness with regards to the motivations for one’s actions & behaviours.

Putting unexpected commitment behind achieving unrealistic goals! We challenge the norm!

Trust & Passion
A lasting relationship is based on trust and passion.

Team Work
Together each member of the team achieves more goals, plays more roles and participates generously!

Time To Market Philosophy

We value greatly the impact of time and speed on various aspects of business and on how it influences the performance of organisations, projects, investment and brands. Speed to Market is a key competitive edge that enables organisations and individuals to create, deliver and sustain their uniqueness, to move from a good performance to GREATNESS.  Its core concept comes from the LIFE CYCLE MODEL for markets, organisations, portfolio and individual brands. The ‘Time To Market’ concept is based on three key pillars:

Time Compression Initiative
Front-loading and integrating the necessary information, resources and previous experiences can enhance the speed of new launches and shorten the ‘Time To Market’. We can achieve this, whether it is a new brand, new project, investment, or even a new strategic change.

Economic Management
In this case, a deep insight is gained from risk analysis and the economic alternatives of this new process.

Market Impact
This can be achieved through enhancing the commercial impact of the process in order to achieve quick performance results, represented by fast market penetration, increase in sales revenue and profitability. Time-based competitive strategies do not only mean speed, which is defined as doing things quicker than competitors do. The ability to satisfy customers now rather than tomorrow can be a major strength in many industries.


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